In The Nest Box

Ginger X PSP Stitch

Born: 1/6/2010
Litter #: 3
Colors: 1 broken black, 1 broken siamese sable & 1 Solid ??
Genders: Unknown
Pedigree: No

B&R Baloo X PSP Stitch

B&R Playboy
Born: 11/21/2010
Litter #: 2
Colors: Broken Siamese Sable & Siamese Sable
Gender's: Bucks
Pedigree: Full

B&R Magoo

Litter's Expected

Shadowland's Tigrella X BB's Darwin

Bred 1/13

RR's Turbo X BB's Darwin

Due 1/26/2011

Zirconium X Cosmo

Bred 1/13

Dwarf Villa's Juliet X B&R Chip

Due 1-7-2011

Tinkerbell X B&R Shadow

Bred 1/13

BB's Show Girl X PSP Stitch

Due 1/26/2011

Planned Breedings

Tinkerbell X Sam
Zirconium X Shadow
Baloo X Cosmo
Venus X Stitch
Bubble's X Harlie
Heather X Tucker
Cassidee X Fudge
Show Girl X Stitch (test)
Neferurea X Magoo

Numbers of Bunnies Born in 2011

Total Count: 5
Live Count: 0

Numbers of Bunnies Born in 2010

Total Count: 101
Live Count: 62
Our loses are due to: Freezing, over heating and 1st time mothers.