The links have been placed in alphabetical order, first by place, then name to help you in your search for a Rabbit or Rabbitry close to you. If you would like your's added please email us. Happy Searches!

Arkansas Breeders

Stout Rabbits

Raises Jersey Woolies, Netherland Dwarfs

California Breeders

Agape Lops

Raises Holland Lops, Lionheads and French Lops

ImperialDwarfs Rabbitry

Raises Netherland Dwarfs

Mesloh Menagerie

Raises Netherland Dwarfs, Flemish Giant, Lionheads, and Himalayan

RoadieRoo Rabbitry

Raises Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops

Willow Glen Rabbits

Raises Netherland Dwarfs

Illinois Breeders

Bunni's Babbits

Raises Netherland Dwarfs

Indiana Breeders

Karrot Kreek Rabbitry

Raises Holland Lops and Lionheads

Kansas Breeders

Hillsboro Hollands

Raises Holland Lops

Kentucky Breeders

Dearborn Desert Rabbitry

Raises Rexs (otters & Brokens), Mini Satins

Malaysia Breeders

Reko Rabbitry

Raises Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Mini Rexs

Michigan Breeders

TRB Rabbitry

Missouri Breeders

Ant Rabbitry

Raises Flemish Giants, Mini Lops and English Lops

Little Angel Farms

Raises Lionheads, Mini Rex, Lops, English Angora's and Jersey Woolies

The Kids Home

Raises Mini Rex and Holland Lops

Oregon Breeders

Brandi's Bunnies ~ OR

Raises Holland Lops, Florida Whites, Netherland Dwarfs

Holland Lop Hollow ~OR

Invictus Ranch ~ OR

Raises New Zealands, Lion Heads, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs

JAMmin Rabbitry ~ OR

Raises Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Flemish Giant, Netherland Dwarf, Dutch, Lion Heads

Juniper Jumpers Rabbitry

Raises Mini Rex, Teddy Guinea Pigs, Californians, and  Himalayans

LHHR Mini Lops

Lil Star Rabbitry

Raising Lion heads and Holland Lops

Little River Rabbitry ~OR

Lucky Charm Lops Rabbitry ~OR

Maple Buns Rabbitry ~OR

Marells Rabbitry ~ OR

Raises Holland Lops, Mini Lops

Melrose Rabbitry

Rockin Rabbits Rabbitry

Sleepy Hollow Rabbitry ~OR

Raises Holland Lops, Fuzzy Lops, Mini Rexs

Stretching Limmits Rabbitry ~OR

The Lionhead Shed

Wildriver Rabbitry

Pennsylvania Breeders


Raises Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, and Dwarf Hotots

Utah Breeders

Red Rock Rabbitry

Rockin Lops Rabbitry

Washington Breeders

Aiviny Lops Rabbitry ~WA

Raises Holland Lops  

Cassis Critters

Raising Mini Lops and Lionheads

Dragonfly Hollands ~WA

Mountain Valley Mist Rabbitry ~WA

Rabecca's Rabbitry ~WA

West Virginia Breeders

Tanner's Lazy Lops

Raises English Lops, Netherland dwarfs and Holland Lops